MilanTheArtist and Big Green Egg sign a partnership.

In 2022 MilanTheArtist and Big Green Egg had a collaboration for the first time. For example, MilanTheArtist was allowed to paint a Big Green Egg live during the Masters EXPO 2022. This led to a partnership between the two parties in 2023. For example, there will be several events in the coming years in which MilanTheArtist and Big Green Egg will work together and show their passion in both areas.  

A podcast with MilanTheArtist.

In January 2023 MilanTheArtist was invited to the podcast of fashion designer Irving Vorster. In the podcast 'Cratief Verdwalen' or 'Creative Drift', the person and way of thinking behind MilanTheArtist were extensively discussed. This leads to a special conversation in which an insight into the brain of the flamboyant artist can be given. Check out the podcast via the link below!

MilanTheArtist & TUUCI design unique parasol.

In a completely playful way, 2 high-end parasols from TUUCI were customized by MilanTheArtist. These unique hand-painted parasols were exhibited at the Masters Expo 2022. There was great interest in bidding, with the proceeds going to charity. A first step has been taken in this unique collaboration, who knows what the future will bring.

MilanTheArtist exhibit at Island Gallery.

The exhibition started with a spectacular preview opening in this unique high-end gallery located in The Hague. The gallery is located under the glass roof of the striking industrial and award-winning building, which offers a spectacular view of the ever-changing and typically Dutch skies that have inspired many painters and photographers over the centuries. Click the link below for a view at the Island Gallery website.  

MilanTheArtist & Addy van den Krommenacker: a spontaneous one.

During the Masters Expo 2022, there was a spontaneous trip between the young artist and the renowned fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker. This short spontaneous shoot was all about 'colorful work' with the underlying charity the Fonds Gehandicaptensport. The dress designed by Addy, the paralu designed by MilanTheArtist a fluid spectacle of color transitions. Who knows, we might see these two flamboyant designers collaborating in the future.

MilanTheArtist launches new TikTok account.

MilanTheArtist launched its new TikTok account in February 2023 under the name @milantheartist. On this account will be posted loops and follow-up videos of his artworks and art occasions. It will be a fascinating nod to his already successful Instagram account. Don't miss anything and follow MilanTheArtist via the button below on TikTok.

Aftermovie solo EXPO MilanTheArtist 2022.

Yes! It's finally there, the long-awaited aftermovie of the magical VIP evening. Imagine yourself one more time in the atmosphere of this special occasion and make sure to subscribe the YouTube channel of MilanTheArtist.

MilanTheArtist launches its own NFT marketplace.

MilanTheArtist, together with partner Authic Labs, has set up its own marketplace where its NFTs can be seen and purchased. With its own Authic Suite marketplace enables NFT art collectors to purchase digital pieces using fiat payments (credit card, Apple Pay and iDEAL). The need for crypto is gone (but payments in ETH are still available). Check out the marketplace and click on the button below.

MilanTheArtist & Fonds Gehandicaptensport sell unique umbrellas at Masters Expo 2022.

The Disability Sports Fund has had a printed limited edition golf umbrella designed by Milan with a unique design: Il n'y a rien que j'attends, or: Time waits for no one. Expressive colors burst as an expression of strength and freedom. The entire proceeds go to athletes with a disability, so that they too have a fair chance to exercise. A nice gift for your relations, network or employees, for example, and with that you directly support a good cause. 

MilanTheArtist participates in the Masters Expo 2022.

Especially for Masters Expo, the charity is partnering with artist MilanTheArtist. Masters Expo is Europe's most exclusive business fair and focuses on craftsmanship, quality, innovation, enjoyment and entrepreneurship. The Disabled Sports Fund has had a printed limited edition golf umbrella designed by Milan with a unique design: Il n'y a rien que j'attends, or: Time waits for no one. Expressive colors explode as an expression of strength and freedom. The entire proceeds go to athletes with disabilities, so that they also get a fair chance to exercise. Original works by MilanTheArtist will also be exhibited during this exclusive event.

Exhibition of several works at Gaudi Gallery Madrid.

In November 2022, several weeks of MilanTheArtist were exhibited at Gallery Gaudi Madrid. For the young flamboyant artist his debut in Spain, and what a debut! Over the last ten years Gallery Gaudi has been gaining a significant presence in the main International Art Fairs in Europe, such as Lineart, Art Karlsruhe, AAF and Knocke to name a few. Nowadays Gallery Gaudi is an established name in the art district of Madrid.

Solo Exhibition MilanTheArtist Nicolaikerk Utrecht city center. 

On Friday evening October 14, 2022, the solo exhibition of MilanTheArtist in his hometown Utrecht will be kicked off with a spectacular VIP evening. Followed by the exhibition for regular visitors. This epic event takes place in the Nicolaikerk next to the Centraal Museum Utrecht. During this solo exhibition, 25 works of art will be exhibited and MilanTheArtist will open its own NFT Art marketplace on its website with the help of partner Authic. You don't want to miss this!

MilanTheArtist & Authic Labs sign exclusive partnership.

 MilanTheArtist and Authic Labs have signed a partnership for the development of NFT art designs. Authic Labs is seen as one of the pioneers in NFTs and collaboration with artists. An own NFT marketplace will also be launched, on which payment can be made via IDEAL, among other things. This innovative concept makes buying NFTs more affordable, making this forward-thinking platform very promising for the future. 

MilanTheArtist makes its debut in Paris represented by Gaudi ART Gallery.

The artworks of MilanTheArtist will be exhibited at the International Contemporary Art Fair Paris from September 23, 2022. During this Art Fair at the Porte de Versailles, MilanTheArtist will be represented by the Gaudi ART Gallery from Madrid.

MilanTheArtist & STATE of Architecture sign exclusive partnership. 

MilanTheArtist and STATE of Architecture will from now on collaborate in the field of interior design. STATE of Architecture will incorporate multiple works by MilanTheArtist in the design process of the luxurious villas in the future. The high-profile modern designs of the architectural office are realized both nationally and internationally. A suitable interior design is often supplied, which can be realized with, among other things, the works of MilanTheArtist. 

MilanTheArtist exhibits in Dubai. 

Under the direction of Eddies Art Gallery, MilanTheArtist will be exhibiting in Dubai from May to July 2022. Several works will be exhibited by the young artist together with some other Dutch greats of contemporary modern art. 

Book publication in 'Art Guide 2022 worldwide edition'. 

MilanTheArtist is published in the 'Art Guide Worldwide Edition 2022'. The Art Guide present an overview of the diversity of the art on offer in all disciplines in combination with an introduction to the Dutch Masters collection from the Rijksmuseum. This book is designed for artists, art galleries, collectors and art lovers all over the world. 

MilanTheArtist and Menno Baars Live painting act of 10 meters.

MilanTheArtist and Menno Baars entered into a unique duo collaboration in 2022. After a first session in which the artists made no less than 5 joint works of art on canvas in the studio, they went a bit further during the art exhibition of Gallery Eddies Art. During this afternoon MilanTheArtist and Menno Baars did a live painting act of no less than 10 meters! This entire process was captured by both a cameraman and photographers. The canvas will be exhibited later this year in Dubai. Click on the button for the aftermovie! 

MilanTheArtist featured in the Quote Magazine. 

The December 2021 edition of the quote features MilanTheArtist together with partner Dutch NFT Drops. In the article NFTs for dummies: 'It just might not be a bubble', a number of NFT experts express their vision on the rise of NFT art. The establishment of the collaboration and drops between MilanTheArtist and Dutch NFT Drops is also exuberantly described. 

 Disabled Sports Fund charity during Masters Expo 2021. 

For the second year in a row, MilanTheArtist collaborated with the Disabled Sports Fund for a good cause. During the Masters Expo 2021, part of the proceeds from the NFT art went to the fund. Some well-known Dutch people visited the young artist's booth to support the good cause. The NFT drop called 'Chimaeras by MilanTheArtist' are now only available on secondary market at Opensea. 

MilanTheArtist designs cover DJ Duicy M.

'Find Me' was already the third single cover that MilanTheArtist designed for the world famous DJ Juicy M from Barcelona. The track and cover that can be heard on social platforms such as Spotify has been streamed more than a million times in a short time. Another dream for MilanTheArtist, his cover is seen all over the world. The distinctive designs of the covers make these palten covers very popular in the music industry in a short time. 

Launch of NFT DROP '99 faces by MilanTheArtist'

The first major NFT drop called '99 faces by MilanTheArtsit' was released during his solo exhibition on October 8, 2021. This project was set up in collaboration with Dutch NFT Drops, where 99 unique faces as NFT are for sale on the Opensea platform. This unique event was attended by 250 pre-selected members during the VIP night. Want to know more about this NFT Drop and the upcoming Drops? Check the 'NFT' page on this website or click on the image to go to the 99 faces on Opensea. 

MilanTheArtist published in De Telegraaf

On Friday, October 8, 2021, an article about MilanTheArtist was published in the most widely read newspaper in the Netherlands. In the article, the launch of the NFT art during the major solo exhibition was exuberantly discussed. The drop of '99 faces by MilanTheArtist' was announced and the explanation of the NFT scene was also discussed. As well as the career preceding this special event. 

Live announcement on Radio 2

Prior to the major solo exhibition of MilanTheArtist, there was a live announcement on national radio 2. The unique launch as the first live NFT artist in the Netherlands was extensively discussed. The exhibition and its potential role as a young artistic talent were also discussed in more detail. Want to listen to the radio fragment again? Click on the image! 

MASTERS EXPO. 18 t/m 22 nov 2021

MASTERS EXPO is the most exclusive business and lifestyle fair, a declaration of love for entrepreneurship. From November 18 to 22, 2021, the largest players in the fields of art, watches, jewelry, gastronomy, mobility, wellness, investments and design will come together in this business and visionary world capital to show their best and most exceptional offerings in the Rai Amsterdam.
MilanTheArtist will be part of this exclusive group for the third year in a row. His original artworks and NFTs will be showcased on this eccentric occasion. 

Solo exhibition Utrecht City (2021) accompanied with partner Dutch NFT Drops.

Friday evening October 8 is the VIP evening of the MilanTheArtist solo exhibition. It promised to be a spectacular evening, in which the launch of the NFT will also take place. All this would take place in a special location: the Nicolaikerk located next to the Central Museum in the heart of Utrecht! Numerous new original works will also be exhibited. Don't miss out on this special evening! 

MilanTheArtist & Dutch NFT Drops starts their partnership.

In 2021 MilanTheArtist entered into a partnership with the company Dutch NFT Drops. The release of MilanTheArtist NFTs under exclusive conditions will be central to the collaboration. From the autumn of 2021, major NFT projects will be central to MilanTheArtist's career. Several major NFT art collectors have already been approached and are showing an interest in the emerging artist's work. From now on, the NFTs will also be available to all other art collectors and will be publicly available for sale and trade. 

MilanTheArtist enters the NFT & Crypto Art industry.

Since March 2021, MilanTheArtist has entered the NFT & Crypto Art world via a personal invite on Foundation.app. His artworks such as NFTs and also new artworks (all NFTs) are available here through a bidding in Etherium (ETH). The NFT art world is booming right now, with millions if not billions of dollars in it, according to the New York Times. Works of art are traded in unique forms through a blockchain meganism. Follow and bid on MilanTheArtist via foundation.app/milantheartist or click on the image to be directly forwarded. 

MilanTheArtist designs custom life size baby elephant for The Elephant Parade.

MilanTheArtist was asked by the 'Elephant Parade' to design a custom life size elephant. Big names have already preceded him, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Corneille, Menno Baars and Chloe Kardashian. The Elephant Parade® is a social enterprise and runs the world's largest art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Created by artists and celebrities, each Elephant Parade statue is a unique art piece. The life-size, baby elephant statues are exhibited in international cities and raise awareness for the need of elephant conservation. The entire design process has been recorded and can be admired on the MIlanTheArtist YouTube channel, this is a must see! 

New YouTube channel launch 2021!

MilanTheArtist's new YouTube account has been online since 2021! This youtube account will consist of a succession of short episodes, in chronological order to create a storyline around the young artist. Make sure to subscribe to this channel, where you can get a unique glimpse into the life of MilanTheArtist. Among other things, videos will be posted of his exhibitions, methods, collaborations, TV performances and YouTube stars will participate in his vlogs! Click on the image to go directly to the channel or search for "MilanTheArtist". Don't forget to like and subscribe! See you there. 

Single cover for DJ Tony Junior

MilanTheArtist, in collaboration with record company Actuation music, has been allowed to design the new single cover for the well-known DJ Tony Junior. During the launch of the new record, the original handmade single cover was handed to Tony Junior in his own private studio. The single has already been streamed over 1 million times in the past 2 months. Check instagram @milantheartist for more info!

Multiple newspaper publications 

 'MilanTheArtist wants to become the greatest artist in the Netherlands' was the headlines in Algemeen Dagblad, De Gelderlander and a few other news papers. 'The young talented artist is experiencing explosive growth' was stated. The news article further elaborated on the artistry and dreams of the young artist. 

Amsterdam All Acrylics X MilanTheArtist (brand friend) month

We can now proudly announce that an Amsterdam All Acrylics X MilanTheArtist event will be organized in September 2020.This will once again express the brand friend ship and the close collaboration with the Amsterdam All Acrylics by Royal Talens art brand. Several unique projects are on the agenda and there will also be a large campaign with various artistic activities that will be announced at a later time.

MilanTheArtist donates artwork to the elderly during corona crisis 2020

“Last year MilanTheArtist made a great piece of art for us for the RTL 4 program' "Van Passie Naar Droombaan ". This artwork hangs in our Grand Café. In these times of Corona we have made a "quarantine garden" where the residents can sit outside. I approached MilanTheArtist if he wanted to make an original contribution to the design of this garden, And he certainly wanted to! ” On Thursday May 21 (2020), Ascension Day, MilanTheArtist will personally hand over the canvas at 11.00. With this action, the employees of Vilente St. Barbara, together with MilanTheArtist, want to give residents a heart.
click the image for a video of the day.

Solo Exhibition 2020

Previous news about the solo exhibition has been changed due to the Coronavirus! We want everyone to stay safe and therefor we have had to postpone the exhibition.
We are sorry for this and we hope to see you at the next exhibition.
Don’t worry because we have made an aftermovie. This way everyone can still admire the exhibition! Soon on our Youtube channel!

MilanTheArtist x Actuation

MilanTheArtist and Actuation have worked together for a while now and this is the first time that all ORIGINAL ALBUM COVERS will be  available in our new shop!

The artworks are all handmade unique artworks - made for different DJ's all over the world - in partnership with Actuation

- ±40 X 40CM

- original and unique artworks

- including frame

- €395,- each
Click on the image to watch all covers in our shop!

SBS 6 LXRY TV Broadcast

During the Masters of LXRY 2019, MilanTheArtist was seen for the second time in the broadcast of LXRY TV on SBS 6. Milan was interviewed together with Nienke Helthuis on the VIP night as a result of the collaboration with the ‘Fonds gehandicaptensport’.
Soon there will be a video on our Youtube channel!

Solo Exhibition Art Hotel Amsterdam

MilanTheArtist had a solo exhibition in the  prestigious Art Hotel Amsterdam for 2 months in 2019. No fewer than 11 works by the young artist were exhibited during this exhibition. This exhibition can be seen as the introduction of MilanTheArtist in Amsterdam. 

Masters of LXRY 2019

This years Masters of LXRY was a year to never forget! MilanTheArtist went in with a beautiful collaboration with Fonds Gehandicaptensport, and came out with a broadcast on LXRY TV on SBS 6. 

Custom champaign bottles

To raise Money for Fonds Gehandicaptensport, MilanTheArtist has painted 20 magnum customized champagne bottles. He also provided 200 normal size customchampagne bottles with 6 different printed labels of MilanTheArtist's work and an original autograph.
Soon they are available in our shop! 

Do you want MilanTheArtist to paint custom bottles live at your event? mail us through our contact page!

SBS 6 LXRY TV Broadcast

In early October 2019, MilanTheArtist was featured in the LXRY TV broadcast on SBS 6. He was interviewed for being the youngest entrepreneur of the Masters of LXRY for the second year running. Soon there wil be a video on our Youtube channel!

MilanTheArtist X Gala voor het Kind

MilanTheArtist has painted 3 footballs which were hand signed by the famous Dutch: Ruud Gullit (football player), Henk Schiffmacher (tattoo artist) and Willem Jansen (football player). this was all about the Gala for the Child, which are committed to disadvantaged children in society. These footballs were all auctioned for charity. Click on the image to go to their website

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) Live painting 

During the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), MilanTheArtist did something unique in collaboration with the record company Actuation Music. He painted live the new single covers of the DJs playing on stage. The interaction between the artist and the DJ has never been shown before during the ADE. Click on the image to see the album covers with music to listen to!

Interview LXRY magazine

As the youngest entrepreneur at Masters of LXRY, MilanTheArtist has not gone unnoticed last year and experienced his personal breakthrough as a professional artist. He signed an exclusive contract with a record company, for which he designs all singles and albums. LXRY interviews Milan, click on the image.


Live painting at the Amsterdam Art Hotel

On September 26, 2019, a co-production was organized between MilanTheArtist and Amsterdam All Acrylics, in which a life-size cow was painted live in the Westcord Art Hotel (Amsterdam). This was organized to promote the Amsterdam All Acrylics art brand by their ambassador MilanTheArtist. For lovers, the painted cow is permanently exhibited in the Westcord Art Hotel, which is also one of the galleries of the famous Dutch artist Herman Brood. Click on the image to watch the YouTube video!

MilanTheArtist designs cover LXRY magazine

For the Master of LXRY 'Love Edition', prominent Dutch designers and artists were asked to design the album of the LXRY magazine. These magazines are exhibited and sold during the Masters of LXRY in December 2019. MilanTheArtist is one of the nominated designers.

MilanTheArtist enters into partnership with Fonds Gehandicaptensport

The collaboration between MilanTheArtist and Fonds Gehandicaptensport (Fund Disabled Sports) has officially started! MilanTheArtist is therefore very proud and is looking forward to the annual gala in the Amsterdam Arena, where some of his works will also be auctioned for the fund.

MilanTheArtist on Times Square New York City!

Following his first collaboration with record company Actuation Music, the single cover 'Under The Bridgde', which was designed by MilanTheArtist, was shown on large screens on times square. With this, both the artist and the record company showed what potential they see for the future of their artistry. These images were captured and are soon to see on MilanTheArtist YouTube channel.

TV show by MilanTheArtist at RTL 4

The elderly special of the TV program 'Van Passie Naar Droombaan' on RTL 4 was presented by Xavier Belfort, Nienke Helthuis and the co-presentation was provided by Milan Noordhoek aka MilanTheArtist. MilanTheArtist took part in this broadcast because, in addition to being an artist, he also completed his master's degree in geriatrics. In this broadcast, several elderly care institutions were honored for their good approach in healthcare. MilanTheArtist handed over several unique artworks.

Exhibition at Art Gallery Van Schaik 2019

On April 7, 2019 there will be a large exhibition of all artists represented by art gallery Van Schaik. On this day you can get acquainted with the artists and their artworks. There is a free walk-in from 13:00 to 17:00 at 1e Dorpstraat 5, Zeist. Incidentally, MilanTheArtist, the newest artist at Van Schaik Art gallery, will also be present. click on the image to read more


MilanTheArtist live on TV at RTL 4 

MilanTheArtist will be live on Tuesday December 11, 2018 in the broadcast of '5 Uur Live' on RTL 4. Together with; Jandino Asporaat, Roue Verveer and Shary-An, they will complete the broadcast. MilanTheArtist will be interviewed (8min!) by TV presenter Daphne Bunskoek. Click on the image to watch the broadcast

Masters of LXRY 2018

At Masters of LXRY 2018 Genius Edition, MilanTheArtist has gotten the opportunity to showcase his work at one of the biggest luxury fairs in the world. Masters of LXRY 2018 is for 5 days the centerstage of luxury, with 50.000 square meters.

Several well-known people and entrepreneurs could admire his art.

Duo Première Exhibition 2018

The Duo Première was organized in June 2018. MilanTheArtist and Sandrine Langlade (Fr.) held a leading duo exhibition at the Hofvijver in The Hague. The location was a prominent bank building next to the well-known Mauritshuis museum. 

Rembrandt College 200m2+
In 2017 MilanTheArtist was given the opportunity to complete its largest art project to date. At the secondary school 'Het Rembrandt College' he was allowed to paint an area of 200m2 + permanently. He also did various art projects in collaboration with the students of the secondary school. Thus, the schoolyard was also transformed into a true work of art. Through a tribute and various news articles, this art project was most widely received in the media. 

Art & Food Festival Live Car Painting 

 In 2016, the young artist MilanTheArtist was a guest at the Art & Food Festival in his hometown. During this festival he did a live painting act of a car in the middle of the city center! Spectators could watch his creations live here and later that day there was a guided tour. MilanTheArtist also got an interview which was broadcast on TV, click on the image to show the YouTube video! 

Painting Golf Buggies golfclub Hoogland

Golfclub Hoogland Amersfoort asked MilanTheArtist to provide all its golf buggies with a custom paint job. This art spectacle was performed live at the golf club by the young artist. All golf buggies have been put into use and the performances were full of praise. With multiple headlines in various news media and an exhibition, this also became a successful art project for MilanTheArtist. 

Exhibition First Class Art Gallery 2016

MilanTheArtist has had a solo exhibition led by art gallery 'First Class Art'. This exhibition took place in 'Het van Capellenhuis' in Capelle aan den IJssel. First class Art represents great artists such as Giorgi Kukhalashvili. MilanTheArtist also had a live radio interview prior to its exhibition.