An NFT is a non-fungible, unique token that is registered on a blockhain. This token can be tied to any type of data. This technique opens the opportunity to collect scarce digital assets including art. Currently there is a huge Cambrian explosion going on, of all kinds of digital art. Varying from generative artworks to digital edits of real world street arts. I started venturing into this new world together with Dutch NFT Drops. Together we translate my physical work into high-quality digitally collectible works. All works are minted on the Ethereum Blockchain, and all drops are released on the world’s biggest NFT-platform Opensea (link below)

#63 Chimaeras by MilanTheArtsit

The 'Chimaeras by MilanTheArtist' NFT drop was launched during the Masters Expo 2021 in Amsterdam. The NFTs that were not sold during the Masters Expo were burned. This reduced this drop to an exclusivity of #63 which sold out immediately. This drop was therefore only available on secondary market. Part of these legendary orphans also went to a legendary charity: Disabled Sports Fund. Click the button to get your hands on one of these mighty Chimaeras on Opensea. 

#99 faces by MilanTheArtist

The first major NFT drop called '99 faces by MilanTheArtsit' was released on October 8, 2021. MilanTheArtist painted 99 unique faces on linen canvas, which were scanned in high resolution. 9 'Faces' were subsequently edited in collaboration with a well-known digital designer. The faces were soon used by various people as avatars for social media accounts. Click on the button below to show the '99 faces' on Opensea. 

MilanTheArtist Drop #1

With the first NFT drop of MilanTheArtsit, you got the original work with the purchase of an NFT. A total of 5 NFT were made for this first drop. The NFT was a high resolution scan of the original artwork on linen. Click on the button below to view the NFT artworks on Opensea.