MilanTheArtist works together with recordlabel Actuation, designing all singles and albums.

Actuation works with music artists all over the world, therefor MilanTheArtist's art is seen everywhere. Actuation mainly focusses on the music genre Trap (electronic dance music.) MilanTheArtist makes a perfect single- or albumcover, in tune with the music.


Quoted Actuation's vision:

"Our vision is to provide an outlet for all forms of creators with the purpose of motivating our audience to seize their full potential. Actuation is a brand for individuals who seek to empower themselves and ignite their passion through music. together with us, we will focus on growing and driving forward within our community"


Since 2019 MilanTheArtist has been officially awarded as ambassador for the art brand Amsterdam – All Acrylics by Royal Talens. He proudly represents the ambassadorship for the BeNeLux part of the brand. In 2020 an "Amsterdam - All Acrylics MilanTheArtist month" was organized by Royal Talens. Collaboration was central to this and several projects were organized, such as a master class by MilanTheArtist. MilanTheArtist will also be the face of the brand for upcoming campaigns.


MilanTheArtist works together with “Fonds Gehandicaptensport” (Sports Fund for Disabled athletes) for whom he is committed in the form of donations and artistic projects. Last year, multiple art pieces were auctioned during the yearly Fonds Gehandicaptensport gala, where MilanTheArtis was present as a guest. 
During Masters of LXRY 2019 in Amsterdam MilanTheArtist had a unique collaboration. He made 200 Champagne bottles and 20 custom hand painted magnum bottles to be sold in favor of Fonds Gehandicaptensport. 
Fonds Gehandicaptensport is committed to make sure everyone with a disability can practice a sport close to their home. With every donation Fondsgehandicaptensport is one step closer to make it a matter of course for every disabled person to be able to practice a sport.

Van Schaik Art Gallery

The work of MilanTheArtist is represented in the Van Schaik Art Gallery based in Breukelen, The Netherlands. Van Schaik Art Gallery represents multiple well-known international artist (like Peter Riezebos, Monica Nowak etc.) Last year (2018), the recordings of the TV-show "Van Passie Naar Droombaan" (From Passion to dream job) on RTL4 were made in collaboration with the gallery. MilanTheArtist explained and told about his art and the collaboration with one of the leading Art Galleries in The Netherlands